About Rayne Water

Rayne Water of Camp Pendleton Building and Service Truck

We are located a few miles south of Camp Pendleton on Highway 78 and have been serving Camp Pendleton for over 40 years. The Rayne company has locations all across the country. Some are company owned and some are individual franchises. The office serving Camp Pendleton is privately owned and is able to easily taylor the services to the needs of military families. Camp Pendleton is a very important part of this company and it is important to us to provide excellent service and we take pride in knowing that we do. We are close by, stop in and say “Hi!”. Click here to see testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions. Rayne Water, Proudly Serving Camp Pendleton 112 Cedar Road Vista, CA 92083 (760) 716-7263


“I’ve had it a little over 4 months now and I love it. You can definitely tell the difference in clothes, dishes and your hair!”  * “My dishwasher actually gets the dishes clean, not white and ashy.”  * “Oh how I love The Rayne man!!! No more hand washing dishes 🙂 Just had to share my excitement for my water softener!”  * “I have to say I love it! My skin was sooo bad when I first moved on base, then I got it and I will never go with out it.”  * “I’ve had it for about 3 months. I love it. My kids have eczema and it has helped a lot with that. We got the reverse osmosis faucet installed at the kitchen sink for drinking water. None of that nasty junk floating in my water anymore!”  * “I love love love it! My son has really bad skin so the water softener is a must. It’s well worth it! I’m thinking about getting the drinking water system!”  * “I have had the water softener for over three months and absolutely LOVE IT, my son had very bad skin and it’s a “must have” for us. I just recently got the drinking water system and it tastes great!”  * “When we moved on base about a month ago we were introduced to Rayne Water Conditioning services by housing. We were told that all of the water that supplies base housing is well water which means its hard water. Rayne’s Water Treatment gives us some of the best drinking water I’ve had in California for the past 7 years. I would recommend Rayne Water Conditioning services to all my friends and family.”  * “This is the best water service for Camp Pendleton! Oustanding service!”  *

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